You are excited about your new cloud kitchen concept in Dubai. You have been working day and night to get it up and running. You are now ready to reach to a massive customer base! You have big plans, you want to cover the whole country, the whole region the whole continent and through cloud kitchens you can do that in practically no time.
Here you are, staff is trained, POS is ready, website and social media are set and you are ready to launch. The first day is slow, you get maybe a few orders here and there, most of them are friends and family. The first week pass by, still very slow. You try to boost some posts, try to get the word out but there’s just too many brands out there. The first month pass by and you realize that you have posted all the menu items on social media, your followers base is very shy and you can count your daily orders by hand. You try to do offers and promos but the food aggregators are eating up your profit margins. A few months pass by, your orders are not increasing at the rate you want them to. You’re running out of options, what do you do?

We’ve been there and we can tell you it’s not a pleasant feeling. In an oversaturated market like Dubai, it’s very tough to get noticed. Hundreds if not thousands of food brands open and close every month. Search any online ordering app and you’ll find endless choices of places to order from. So what will it take to get your brand to kick-off?

Well, we’ve been asking ourselves the same question and after many trials and errors we believe we have found the perfect recipe that will get your orders through the roof and we’ll share a best practice here with you.

CONTENT: You need plenty of it! Be aware that you are in the business of both food and content. Your customers eat with their eyes first. Be prepared to create different types of content to reach and keep you audience engaged.

A/B TESTING: You will need to know which type of content resonate with which type of audience. Some things work and others don’t, hence A/B testing is crucial to your business.

REVIEWS: You have to understand that the food aggregators will be vital for your business and optimizing your brand to become more visible in these aggregators is an ongoing process that you must do. It’s like working out, you might not like it, but it’s good for you.

INFLUENCE: Yep these work, HOWEVER it’s very important to collaborate with the right influencers. Don’t overdo it, just a pinch of influence is enough to bring out that magical flavor that you need. Too much will ruin the dish 🙂

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